What We Do for You

A Forgotten Treasure offers a variety of services that can help you turn a big hassle into a simple phone call. 

Estate Sales are what we've grown our business upon. We have grown a wonderful following of shoppers that thoroughly love our sales. This is because of spot on pricing and our friendly, easygoing staff. We understand that there might be items that have sentimental value for one reason or another. We also understand it might be hard if you've just gone through a loss of a loved one and need to move on from their belongings. We believe that all items are a forgotten treasure and treat them as such. We have a flat rate of 25%-35% of whatever the sale brings in. No other upfront fees, hidden fees, NO OTHER FEES. We log EVERY transaction that takes place during the sale. At the end of the sale we add it all up and you take 65%-75% of whatever the sale makes. If the house that the estate sale takes place is valued at over $400,000, then we GUARANTEE that we pay you out over $1,000! You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. Contact us NOW!

Downsizing sales are also jobs we would love to take over for you while putting a nice chunk of change in your wallet. We get it the kids have all moved out and there's no need for the extra space so call us to help you get started on your new life in a new home that is more comfy for you. Let us take the hard work out and do a downsize sale. Not only will you get rid of your old junk that's been sitting in your daughter's old room for five years, but we'll give you money for it too! 

Business liquidation sales is an area where we will earn you top dollar for your business assets. We know times are hard with COVID-19 and sometimes that means making the tough decision to close the doors. While none of us wish this, it's a sad reality. Let us try and turn that reality and make it a positive. Let's put some money back in your pocket that you might have lost during this hard, unfathomable times.

Cleanouts are the biggest complaint we have when we are finished with the estate sale, and it's a common mistake to overlook what a pain in the butt it is to clear out an entire house. Our job at A Forgotten Treasure is to sell everything we can, but sometimes there are things that are left over. We offer a service to wipe out everything that's left and take it to a local donation center. Be sure to ask us about the Estate Sale & Clearout Combo for a discounted rate!

Buyouts are when you just sell the entire contents worth of the house in a lump sum. We would be ecstatic to hear your offer so call right away!